Configuring IPv4 on a Switch: The Essential Commands

Which of the following commands should immediately follow interface vlan 1 when configuring IPv4 on a switch?

A) ip address ip-address mask

B) no shutdown

C) ip default-gateway ip-address

D) ip name-server ip-address1 ip-address2 ...


When configuring IPv4 on a switch, the "no shutdown" command should immediately follow the "interface vlan 1" command.


Configuring IPv4 on a switch involves several steps to ensure that the network interface is properly set up for communication. When working with a switch, one of the initial commands you would use is the "interface vlan 1" command.

Interface VLAN 1: VLAN 1 is the default management VLAN on a switch, and using the "interface vlan 1" command allows you to access and configure this specific interface.

No Shutdown Command: After entering the "interface vlan 1" command, the next crucial step is to issue the "no shutdown" command. This command is essential for enabling the interface and bringing it online. Even if the interface is already in an "up" state, it is recommended to include the "no shutdown" command to ensure the interface is actively passing traffic.

By following the "interface vlan 1" command with the "no shutdown" command, you are effectively enabling the VLAN 1 interface for IPv4 configuration and usage. It is a fundamental step in setting up network connectivity on a switch.

Remember, proper configuration of IPv4 settings on a switch is crucial for seamless network communication and data transmission.

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