The Amazing World of Dinosaurs

How many periods are included in the Mesozoic Era?

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five


B. Three

The Mesozoic Era is divided into three periods: the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. Each period had its own unique characteristics and dinosaur species that roamed the Earth during that time. The Mesozoic Era was an incredibly exciting time for dinosaurs, with a wide diversity of species flourishing and evolving.

The Triassic period marked the beginning of the Mesozoic Era, with the first dinosaurs appearing and diversifying. The Jurassic period is known for iconic dinosaurs like the mighty T. rex and the long-necked Brachiosaurus. Finally, the Cretaceous period saw the dominance of large predatory dinosaurs like the Spinosaurus and the Velociraptor.

The Mesozoic Era was a pivotal time in Earth's history, with dinosaurs ruling the land and skies. The incredible diversity and resilience of these ancient creatures continue to captivate and inspire us today. Dive into the amazing world of dinosaurs and discover the fascinating stories of these prehistoric giants.

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