Exploring Similar Structures in Two Excerpts

First Generation

Read the excerpt from “First Generation” of Dreaming in Cuban. She considers the vagaries of sports, the happenstance of El Líder, a star pitcher in his youth, narrowly missing a baseball career in America. His wicked curveball attracted the major league scouts, and the Washington Senators were interested in signing him but changed their minds. Frustrated, El Líder went home, rested his pitching arm, and started a revolution in the mountains.

Like Mexicans

Read the excerpt from “Like Mexicans.” We talked for an hour and had apple pie and coffee, slowly. Finally, we got up with Carolyn taking my hand. Slightly embarrassed, I tried to pull away but her grip held me. I let her have her way as she led me down the hallway with her mother right behind me. . . . Carolyn waved again. I looked back, waving. . . . Her people were like Mexicans, only different.

Both excerpts present stories that convey strong emotions and personal connections. In "First Generation," the story of El Líder transitioning from a potential baseball career to starting a revolution evokes a sense of missed opportunities and unpredictable life paths. Similarly, in "Like Mexicans," the interaction between the narrator and Carolyn creates a feeling of intimacy and cultural differences.

Which best states how the structures of the excerpts are similar?

In the first excerpt, First generation, and second excerpt, Like Americans, they are both similar because both of them relates an anecdote to appeal to the reader’s emotions.

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