How to Apply Toenail Polish Properly

What is the first product you should apply during a toenail polish application?

a. Base coat

b. Top coat

c. Nail polish remover

d. Glitter polish


For a toenail polish application, start with a nail polish remover to ensure nails are clean of residues (C), followed by a base coat, then the color polish, and finally, a top coat for a shiny finish and prolonged wear.

When it comes to applying toenail polish, it's essential to follow the right sequence of products for a flawless finish. Starting with a clean canvas ensures that your nail polish will adhere smoothly and last longer.

Therefore, the first product you should apply during a toenail polish application is nail polish remover (option c). This product helps to remove any old polish, oils, or residues from your nails, creating a clean surface for the subsequent layers of polish.

After using the nail polish remover, the next step is to apply a base coat. This serves as a protective layer for your nails, preventing them from becoming stained or damaged by the colored polish. The base coat also helps the nail polish to adhere better and last longer.

Once the base coat is dry, you can proceed to apply the color nail polish of your choice. If you want to add some sparkle, you can also apply a glitter polish on top of the color. The final step is to apply a top coat to seal in the color, add shine, and prolong the wear of your toenail polish.

By following this sequence of products – starting with nail polish remover, followed by a base coat, color polish, and top coat – you can achieve a professional-looking toenail polish application that lasts. So, grab your nail polish kit and start pampering your toenails today!

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