Wood Engraving: A Timeless Art Form

What is the characteristic of the print created by Picasso in black and white scene showing men on horseback and men standing in a field?

a. intaglio
b. wood engraving
c. linocut
d. woodblock printing


b. wood engraving

Wood engraving is a classic art form that has been used for centuries to reproduce drawings and paintings. This technique involves using a sharp, hand-held cutting device called a chisel to draw a design directly onto a metal plate. The resulting prints display bold, highly contrasting designs, which is characteristic of wood engraving.

Picasso, known for his unconventional techniques, used chisels to create sharp, crisp lines on his plates that were etched into the printed image. This unique approach added a distinct quality to his artworks.

While wood engraving was largely abandoned in the 19th century in favor of etching, it remains a timeless and revered art form. The use of chisels to create intricate designs continues to be a hallmark of this technique, allowing artists to bring their visions to life in stunning detail.

Explore the world of wood engraving and discover the beauty of this traditional art form that has inspired generations of artists.

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