Designated Market Areas (DMA's)

What are DMA's and how are they used in the United States?

A. Geographic areas ranked based on population size
B. Areas used for agricultural marketing purposes
C. Specific areas ranked for broadcasting and advertising
D. Locations with high tourism rates


The correct answer is C. Specific areas ranked for broadcasting and advertising.

DMA's, which stands for Designated Market Areas, are specific geographic areas in the United States that are ranked based on market size and used for broadcasting and advertising purposes. These areas are crucial for determining television and radio station coverage areas and help advertising agencies and marketers to plan and target their campaigns effectively.

For example, DMA's help in identifying major market areas such as New York City, which is considered one of the largest markets in the country. By analyzing DMA rankings, businesses can make informed decisions on where to allocate their advertising resources for maximum impact and reach.

Overall, DMA's play a significant role in the media industry by providing a standardized way to segment markets based on their size and potential for advertising success.

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