The Temptation of Norma in "Button, Button" by Richard Matheson

Norma's Desperate Situation

Norma from the story 'Button, Button' finds herself in a challenging financial situation. She dreams of a more prosperous life, free from the constraints of their current circumstances. The $50,000 offered by the mysterious button unit represents a lifeline to her, promising an escape from their financial struggles.

The Allure of $50,000

Norma is attracted to the $50,000 due to her desire for a better life. The substantial sum of money offers the possibility of fulfilling her dreams, such as traveling, buying a house, and enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. This temptation leads her to overlook the moral dilemma presented by the button's consequences.

Norma's Romantic Ideas

Norma associates the button unit with her romantic notions of achieving her deepest desires. She envisions a life filled with luxury, security, and fulfillment, all made possible by the $50,000 reward. Despite the ethical concerns raised by the button's function, Norma's fantasies drive her to pursue the tempting offer.

Appealing to Her Husband

Norma tries to persuade her husband to agree with her decision to push the button and receive the money. She sees the financial boon as a way out of their difficulties and a chance to realize their dreams together. Norma's desperation and longing for a better life push her to convince her husband to overlook the repercussions of their actions.

Q.3 Why did Norma try to persuade her husband to agree with her? OR What temptation/ attraction did Norma feel in fifty thousand dollars? OR Why did Norma like to have and use button unit? OR What were Norma's romantic ideas connected with the button unit? OR Why did Norma want to get $50,000? Norma from the story 'Button, Button' wants to push the button and receive the $50,000 due to her exhausting financial situation and dreams of a better, affluent life, causing her to persuasively appeal to her husband and overlook the moral tremors associated with the action.The questions refer to the character Norma from the short story Button, Button by Richard Matheson. Norma, the protagonist, is faced with an ethical dilemma through the arrival of a mysterious box with a push button. The proprietor of the box promises Norma and her husband that if the button is pushed, someone they don't know will die, and they will receive $50,000. Norma's initial temptation and urge to persuade her husband to agree with her stem from the strong attraction she feels towards the large sum of money. Living in a financially strained situation, the thought of possessing $50,000 enthralled Norma, making her overlook the moral implications of her actions. Her desire for the button unit derives from her romantic ideas of improving her lifestyle, traveling, and achieving things she had only ever dreamed of, making the allure of the button unit irresistible to her.
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