Who is Coming to See Billy Jo?

Who does Bolsa call to tell Billy Jo is coming to see him?

A. William

B. Sancho

C. The Gym Lady

D. Mrs. Morningstar

What is the correct option?

The correct option, regarding the person Billy Jo is going to see according to the call made by Bolsa, is: Mrs. Morningstar.


The answer is D


Sancho and Bolsa

In the story of the detectives Sancho and Bolsa, little by little they realize that Billy Jo is an evil person who could harm William Morningstar, whom he paid them to look for.

Therefore, in an attempt to identify if it is Billy Jo who has William, Bolsa calls him and tells him that Mrs. Morningstar, who is William's aunt, is going to meet him to see his reaction to it and get more information.

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