Personal Hygiene Spanish-English Match Game

Can you match the English and Spanish words related to personal hygiene?

Yes, here are the correct matches:

1. el cepillo de dientes - toothbrush
2. el champú - shampoo
3. el despertador - alarm clock
4. el jabón - soap
5. la pasta de dientes - toothpaste
6. la toalla - towel

The matching game for English and Spanish words related to personal hygiene has been successfully completed! Congratulations! It's important to know these vocabulary words to communicate effectively in both languages.

Learning a new language can be fun and rewarding. Now that you've matched the words, why not practice using them in sentences or conversations with others? Practice makes perfect, and soon you'll be fluent in both English and Spanish when it comes to personal hygiene terms.

If you want to continue expanding your vocabulary for personal hygiene in English and Spanish, you can explore more words and phrases related to this topic. Keep up the great work and enjoy the process of learning new languages!

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