Improving Your Note-Taking Skills

Importance of Key Word Notes

Key word notes are an effective note-taking strategy that can help you better understand and remember important information from your readings. By identifying key words and jotting them down in your notes, you are able to create a concise summary of the main ideas and concepts of a text.

When reading for an overview of a new unit, using key word notes can help you stay focused and organized. Instead of writing down every single detail, you can highlight key words and phrases that capture the essence of the material. This allows you to quickly review and recall the main points of the unit when needed.

How to Take Key Word Notes

When taking key word notes, it is important to actively engage with the text and identify the most significant terms and ideas. Here are some tips for effectively using this note-taking strategy:

  • Scan the Text: Before delving into the details, scan the text to get an overview of the main topics and headings.
  • Identify Key Words: Highlight or underline key words and phrases that represent the main ideas of each section.
  • Paraphrase: Write down the key words in your own words to ensure understanding and retention.
  • Organize Notes: Group related key words together to create a structured and coherent summary.
  • Review and Revise: Regularly review your key word notes to reinforce your understanding of the material.

By incorporating key word notes into your note-taking routine, you can improve your comprehension, retention, and recall of information, making it easier to study effectively and succeed in your academic endeavors.

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